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We have a wide range of games suitable for a broad range of ages. ‘PEGI (Pan European Game Information) ratings provide guidance to consumers (particularly parents) to help them decide whether or not to buy a particular product’. Therefore it is up to the parent who books the party to select which games they want to be played. Our party invitations indicate the ratings of age suitability, via check boxes, this then informs all parents. Please read our brief reviews of the games, and note the age range symbols.

Fortnite Party

Perfect for 9 children at a time, battles can last up to 25 mins. We can either setup a 9 player creative battle with a prize for the highest scorer, or the children can set up their own squads of 2-4 players. Fortnite does need to be online, either by connecting to your broadband router or if that’s not available we can use our 4G router. If for some reason the internet isn’t available with those options we will be able to entertain the children with other offline games such as Fifa, Halo, Call of Duty or Black Ops.

Minecraft Party

Our Minecraft party is full of challenges set within a specially created iBox world. There is a bow & arrow challenge, a gigantic maze, building challenges and a diamond treasure trail, making this party perfect for boys and girls. Each round is scored and whoever gets the most points gets to choose a prize (see our shop for prizes). These challenges will last about 45-60 mins which will mean any time left over can be spent on a choice of other games. 

Fifa League Party

Needing no introduction this isn’t available as a Multiplayer party, instead utilising up to 5 Xbox’s we can create a Fifa League for 8 to 11 players (every player plays each other once in a league as either Premier League Derbies or Internationals), an 8-9 player league can take 60 mins to complete, allowing you to combine some multiplayer games with any time left over. 11 player league will take a minimum of 90 mins. We can also create a 16 player cup, with group stages and finals.

Joy Ride Turbo

Perfect for younger gamers, design your Avatar, then race your character against your friends in this Mario kart style game including power ups, short cuts, jumps & stunts. Can support up to 8 player races.


Immensely popular with younger children, Roblox features a game creating platform full of mini games. Some games within Roblox may feature older content such as shooting, so please let us know if this is an issue.

Rocket League

Cars & Football, Rocket League is a fun packed multiplayer game for up to 8 players, where players race around to whack a ball about and try and score a goal. There’s also plenty of power-ups to collect. It’s really popular game at the moment.

Apex Legends

A shooting game similar in gameplay to Fortnite. Apex Legends also allows squads of up to 4 to team up and battle together.

Plants vs Zombies

What a blast, this action packed game pits you as a plant or a zombie, it’s a very humorous take on a shoot them up. A shooting game that shouldn’t upset the parents.

Call of Duty

Action packed multiplayer shooting game for the more experienced gamer. Plenty of gameplay options for the whole party bus to battle against each other or in teams. Another game that allows 1, 2 or even 3 iBox vehicles to link together for up to a 24 player battle, perfect for team building events.

Forza Motorsport

Amazing graphics coupled with an extensive choice of cars, Forza is a fantastic racing game for older children.Braking is required!! This game will host a 9 player race in one iBox vehicle, 18 in two and a whopping 24 player race in 3 x iBox vehicles. Perfect for corporate bookings.

Formula One

A racing game for the more experienced racer, there are lots of driving aids to assist younger children. We would recommend for 9yrs +.

Black Ops

Classic shooting action, where infamous maps such as Nuketown and the Firing Range are particular favourites. Individual or team battles are just some of the options.

Forza Horizon

Amazing graphics, Forza Horizon is a great arcade racer featuring an open world platform.


The all time Classic with a lower age rating compared with some shooters. Halo allows getting into vehicles, setting up multiple teams. One of our favourite multiplayer battle games.


Remember the Classic Wipeout game? This modern racer is a mixture between that and Rollcage, featuring powerups, it’s great fun.

Blazing Angels

Not a very well known game, but when the whole party bus plays against each other it’s fun. If an aerial dog fight over London or Paris appeals then Blazing Angels is a must.


An ideal way to keep the younger children entertained, Marooners hosts a collection of fun mini party games.


2D platform fighter  battle arena where the greatest Legends brawl to prove who’s the best that ever was, is, or will be. Every match is an epic test of skill, speed, and strength, and every victory brings additional glory and bragging rights to the winners.

Happy Wars

Happy Wars is a large-scale online multiplayer action game that up to 30 players can participate in per match. Go wild in over-the-top battles in a fantasy setting featuring hilarious characters!

Grid Autosport

Racing games don’t get much better than this, a multiplayer racer featuring touring cars, single seaters, endurance cars. Excellent realism for the more experienced racer.

Baja: Edge of Control

Fun 4×4 Racing action, available in our Yorkshire vehicle.


Mariokart on Steroids, an old favourite of the iBox. Street car racing with power up weapons, shields and turbo boosts. Available in two of our NW vehicles.

Quantum of Solace

Fantastic multiplayer shooting game with a low age rating. Individual or team battles, still very much enjoyed in two of our NW vehicles.

PGA Golf

Always an option if Golf is a preferred choice of game. Fantastic graphics and gameplay.

Please note: Game selections may vary from vehicle to vehicle. If booking a Fortnite Party, Fifa or Minecraft party, other games can be played after they have completed the challenges/league or just want to try something else. We cannot guarantee the availability of a specific game unless pre-booked at the time of the booking.