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Based on Current Guidelines: Only 6 people will be allowed inside the Gaming Bus as opposed to our usual 14. This restriction also applies to the football and outdoor activities where only 6 players are allowed at a time. We will constantly review these measures in line with guidance from the Government.

Below are the measures we have put in place to provide a safe gaming environment for our parties;

Foot-pedal controlled Hand Washing Stations

*Foot controlled hand washing stations for use on entering and exiting the Gaming Bus

Hand Sanitiser Stations

*Free standing sanitiser stations at the entry point of the Gaming Bus as well as football pitch

Infrared Digital Thermometer

*Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Digital Thermometer available to check Gamers temperature where required

Disposable Gloves

*Gloves available for the Gamers to reduce risk of cross-contamination

Regular Cleaning of Equipment inside Bus

*We will fully clean and sanitise all equipment and seating before and after every gaming session.

Specially trained staff

*Our staff have received training in Infection prevention and control (incl. Covid 19) and will ensure that the party group adheres to the measures that we have put in place


*Masks are available for use by the gamers and there are even more hand sanitisers inside the Gaming Bus

Outdoor Activities

*We follow FA Guidance on Football and Outdoor activities which currently do not allow contact activities.